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cuOnline+ Upgrade

PSD2 and CUOnline

As you may already be aware, new legislation will come into effect on 14th September 2019 called the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Part of this legislation requires enhanced security when it comes to managing your finances online.

What does this mean to you?

We have bundled the PSD2 legislative changes with an update to the latest version of cuOnline. Along with a refreshed look and feel, the site is now mobile responsive and there are enhanced security steps to give you peace of mind. Changes have been made to the log in process and how you will set up or amend a payment.

New Features Include:

  • A refreshed look and feel
  • Enhanced Features
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Secure Customer Authentication for PSD2

There is a document available here which explains the changes made to the login process for Secure Customer Authentication.

One Time Passcodes

When you log in to CUOnline+ or attempt to make a payment, you will be prompted to Generate a One Time Passcode. Clicking this button will issue a text message to the mobile number that you have provided to the credit union. Once you receive the code you must enter the four digit code to approve the login or transaction.
Not receiving the text?
If you are not receiving a text message after clicking the button, please contact the credit union to update the mobile number associated with your account.

cuAnywhere App

The CUAnywhere app is in the process of being redeveloped. In the meantime, in order to comply with the strong customer authentication aspects of PSD2, you will be required to have logged into the CUOnline+ website every 90 days to be allowed to log into the app.
We would also like to advise our members that the new CUOnline+ site is mobile responsive. This means that you can use the website directly on your phone to avail of all its features rather than continuing to use the app.

The video below gives a brief overview of the new cuOnline+ platform.