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Introducing BizFin, a straightforward business finance option from Credit Union Plus.

Credit Union Plus offers an exceptional experience in terms of customer service. Our forms and procedures have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of our members, with a fast application process both online or in person – whichever you prefer!
Furthermore, each member has access to their own dedicated loan officer from start to finish for clear communication throughout the duration of your transaction.
At BizFin, we’re all about providing a superior service when it comes to business finance. Our streamlined processes allow us to make quick decisions, so you can get back on track in no time.
With competitive loan interest rates and free Loan Protection Insurance for Sole Traders & Partnerships, our customers are singing the praises of their tailored experience with personal attention from start-to-finish!
As one satisfied customer said: ‘I knew I could deal with someone friendly that had my best interests at heart – any questions were easily answered.’
So why not find out more today? Visit for Straightforward Business Finance up €400K -with a truly personal touch!