Bereavement Benefit Programme

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Rest Easy with Credit union Plus – provide for your loved ones with one simple step.

However we plan, we don’t always get time to prepare for when we die or lose a loved one – but with Credit Union Plus, you can help your loved ones meet the cost of funeral expenses in the event of your untimely death.

Our new Life Plus Bereavement Benefit Programme provides peace of mind for you and your family in one quick and easy step – with the certainty of a guaranteed payment of €6,000, no medical assessment and an affordable fee that suits your needs and expectations.

The financial support provided by the Life Plus Bereavement Benefit Programme can help reduce the additional burden of funeral expenses – to help your loved ones feel assured at a most difficult time.

How does it work?

We’ve shopped around to get the best value programme on the market, and because we’re not-for-profit we’re offering extra peace of mind to our members at a fantastic price.

  • Pay €80 once a year per member (This payment is collected hassle-free by Credit Union Plus, directly from your Death Benefit Indemnity (DBI) account each year)
  • €6,000 is paid to your family in the event of your death.


The best bits?

  • Benefit fixed at €6,000 – regardless of savings
  • Available to all members*
  • No Medical
  • Cost is only €80 per year – paid annually


Important Information you need to know

A pre-existing medical condition limitation applies to this programme, which means that cover is not provided if a member were to die from a pre-existing medical condition during the first six months of their membership of the programme.

Terms & Conditions apply.

* Members must be aged 70 years or under to be eligible to join this scheme

Added Value

Our new Bereavement Benefit Programme is designed to compliment our Life Plus Savings Benefit – for example; upon the bereavement of an eligible member, both benefits will be paid and the combined benefit could result in a payment of up to €8,000* (that’s €6,000 for Life Plus Bereavement Benefit and up to €2,000 for their Life Plus Savings Benefit) – and the Savings Benefit is FREE!

* Life savings benefit is subject to the value of savings and your age at death.

Sign Up Today!

You can opt- in to the programme by completing the form below or by visiting your local Credit Union Plus branch.

Once you join the Programme you remain a member of the Programme, which auto-renews on an annual basis, until such time as you choose to opt-out of the Programme, or you stop paying the premium or your membership of the Credit Union ceases.

In cases where members have a joint account only one member can enroll in the programme. However, the other member can open a separate account if they wish to opt in.

You can opt-out of the programme by completing the cancellation form which can be found online at or in a local Credit Union Plus branch.

I wish to opt-in/avail of the Member Bereavement Benefit Programme as provided by Credit Union Plus Limited and arranged by CUNA Mutual Group Services (Ireland) Ltd.

I confirm that:

  • I am a member of Credit Union Plus and am eligible to join the Member Death Benefit Programme;
  • I have read and understood the Key Facts and Programme Summary as provided to me;
  • I will undertake to have sufficient funds in my credit union DBI account to pay for the annual premium attaching to the provision of this insurance cover and my inclusion in the Programme;
  • I understand that this is a programme that will auto-renew on an annual basis, and the attaching premium will be deducted from my DBI account on this basis;
  • I am also aware that the benefits and cost of this programme may be varied annually but I will be informed of any such changes or updates through the Credit Union’s AGM Booklet and from the Credit Union’s website;
  • I understand that this programme is due to commence initially on 1st August 2018 with payment being €34 for five months cover and runs to 31st December 2018 and thereafter the Programme, if renewed by the Insurer, will run for a calendar year at a time, the ongoing Programme period.The total annual cost of the policy is €80.
  • Should I wish to opt-out or cancel my participation in the Member Death Benefit Programme, I will inform Credit Union Plus in writing of my decision;
  • My understanding is that my participation in the programme will automatically stop should I cease to be a member of Credit Union Plus or if there are insufficient funds in my DBI account to cover the annual cost of my premium;
  • I understand that the insurer can opt to terminate the Programme and cover at the end of each Programme period
  • The information I have provided to Credit Union Plus Ltd. is correct and I provide my consent to this information being shared with CUNA Mutual and its insurers, for the purposes of my membership of the Member Death Benefit Programme.

Indicate your confirmation by ticking the box

I confirm the above

  • I confirm that I authorise Credit Union Plus Ltd. to deduct the cost of my cover in the Programme (the premium), which I acknowledge may be reviewed and/or changed annually, from my credit union DBI account.
  • I understand that if there are insufficient funds in my DBI account to pay the annual premium, then my membership of the Member Death Benefit Programme will lapse.
  • I declare that I am in good health and have been in good health for 6 months prior to joining the programme, and I understand that if I was to die from a pre-existing medical condition within 6 months of purchasing this insurance that a claim may not be honoured.
  • I understand my rights and consent to my data being processed under GDPR legislation. (Click here for further information)

Indicate your confirmation by ticking the box

I confirm the above

The Credit Union Plus Bereavement Benefit Programme (Member Death Benefit Programme) is a group policy of the Credit Union and open to participation by members, subject to eligibility criteria outlined in the Key Facts and Programme Summary available from the credit union or at

The Programme is arranged, on behalf of Credit Union Plus by CUNA Mutual Group Services (Ireland) Limited which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Credit Union Plus are the policy holder, this policy is underwritten by Utmost PanEurope dac, a designated activity company registered in Ireland (No 311420) and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland with registered office at: Navan Business Park, Athlumney, Navan, Co. Meath.

For privacy terms please see Full Policy available from the Credit Union or at

Credit Union Plus is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland