Credit Union Membership

The Credit Union Difference

Membership with Credit Union Plus is open to everyone who works, resides or is in education in our Common Bond, which covers Navan, Clonmellon, Ballivor, Kildalkey and Ballyjamesduff. Credit Union Plus is serving our communities for over 50 years!

Membership Benefits

  • You have control over your own finances.
  • The knowledge that your savings are being used in the local community.
  • Very competitive loan interest rate.
  • A wide range of financial services are available to you.
  • Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance cover at no direct cost to the eligible member. (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Access to savings on demand (provided there are no un-cleared effects or they are not held as security on a loan).
  • Return on your savings through annual dividends.

A Co-Operative…… Not a bank

Credit Unions are people orientated financial co-operatives formed by groups with a common interest such as profession, community or associational background.

Members……Not customers

The members of a Credit Union are also the owners. You have a right to know how the Credit Union is performing, and you are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting where you can contribute to discussions about Credit Union matters and to elect to office people who will have the general good of the membership at heart. This unique structure ensures that Credit Union Plus remains focused on the needs of its members which leads to better service for our members.

Benefits……not profits

Credit Unions earn income by lending the savings of members to other members at reasonable rates of interest. This income covers the expenses of the Credit Union. As Credit Unions are non-profitmaking organisations, any surplus is channelled into providing members with better products and services, and a competitive return on savings in the form of an annual dividend.

How do I join?

Joining Credit Union Plus couldn’t be easier. If you qualify for membership (you must live, work or be in education in the Common Bond) and wish to join the Credit Union, you need to bring in two forms of identification to any of our Credit Union Offices in order to comply with the Criminal Justice Act 2010 relating to all financial institutions. Sign up online today. Click HERE

The following proof of identity is required:

  • Photo ID (Current Passport or Drivers Licence)
  • Proof of Address (Bank Statement or Utility Bill e.g. Electricity/Gas/Water/Phone dated within last 6 months)


For children’s accounts the following documents are required:

  • Birth Cert/ Passport for child.
  • Photo ID for parent/guardian (Current Passport/ Drivers Licence)
  • Proof of Address for parent/guardian (Bank Statement or Utility Bill e.g. Electricity/Gas/Water/Phone dated within last 6 months)


Any exceptions to the above are at the discretion of the Credit Union.

Please note that you will need to make an appointment to open a new account in the Navan office. This can be done by phone or by emailing

If you live outside of our common bond but are employed within our common bond you will still qualify for membership. You will need to provide evidence of your employment (e.g. letter from employer-confirming address of employment), in addition to the above items.

Likewise, if you are in education in our common bond, once you can supply a evidence confirming your place of education you will qualify for membership.

You will also be required to lodge €10.00 into your new account to activate membership.

Our staff would be happy to advise you of all services available to you as a member of Credit Union Plus.

Once you are a member, it is in your interest to begin saving regularly – even small amounts, which will both give you the habit of saving and add to the savings pool. So what are you waiting for, call in to us today to open your Credit Union account.

How do I save?

There are many ways you can save money into your  Credit Union account.

  • Online from your bank or building society account.
    • Your Credit Union Plus account can now accept payments from anywhere in Europe which means you can use your Bank or Building Society online banking facilities to pay money into your account.
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFTs):
    • This payment service allows you to send money into your Credit Union account and send money out of your Credit Union account by means of electronic funds transfer. This convenient service allows you to manage your finances directly from your Credit Union account. Click here to find out more
  • Express Lodgement Machine
    • Our new Express Cash Lodgement machine located near the entrance door is a quick and easy way to lodge cash to your Savings, Current Account or Off your Loan. It will even give you change in denominations of €5 or more.
  • Salary / Wages paid directly into your Credit Union account
    • Your Credit Union account can now accept Wages / Salary payments directly from your employer.
  • Salary Deduction
    • A number of local businesses allow their employees deduct part of their salary / wages directly from their payroll and transfer the money into the Credit Union. Check with your employer if they already offer this and if they are not currently in the scheme we would be delighted to introduce them to it.
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