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How do I join?

Joining Credit Union Plus couldn’t be easier. If you qualify for membership (you must live, work or be in education in the Common Bond) and wish to join the Credit Union, you need to provide two forms of identification (Photo ID & Address Verification) in order to comply with the Criminal Justice Act 2010 relating to all financial institutions. Sign up online today.

Membership Benefits

  • You have control over your own finances.
  • The knowledge that your savings are being used in the local community.
  • Very competitive loan interest rate.
  • A wide range of financial services are available to you including savings and current account, personal loans up to €100,000, Family Home Mortgages up to €400k, Home, Life Car and travel Insurances and much more. 
  • Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance cover at no direct cost to the eligible member. (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Access to savings on demand (provided there are no un-cleared effects or they are not held as security on a loan).
  • Possible return on your savings through annual dividends.

Why choose Credit Union Plus?

  • Trustworthy
  • Community Based
  • A Co-Operative…… Not a bank
  • Members... Not customers
  • Benefits... Not profits
Benefit 1


Credit Unions are Ireland’s most trusted organisation, winning the CX Customer Experience Award 9 times in a row!

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Benefit 2

Community Based

Membership with Credit Union Plus is open to everyone who works, resides or is in education in our Common Bond, which covers Navan, Clonmellon, Ballivor, Kildalkey and Ballyjamesduff. Credit Union Plus has been serving our communities for over 60 years!

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Benefit 3

A Co-Operative…… Not a bank

Credit Unions are people orientated financial co-operatives formed by groups with a common interest such as profession, community or associational background. We are run by our members for our members, with a friendly, personal ethos that you simply won’t find anywhere else

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Benefit 4

Members... Not customers

The members of a Credit Union are also the owners. You have a right to know how the Credit Union is performing, and you are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting where you can contribute to discussions about Credit Union matters and to elect to office a Board of Directors who will have the general good of the membership at heart. This unique structure ensures that Credit Union Plus remains focused on the needs of its members which leads to better service for our members.

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Benefit 5

Benefits... Not profits

Credit Unions earn income by lending the savings of members to other members at reasonable rates of interest. This income covers the expenses of the Credit Union. As Credit Unions are non-profit making organisations, any surplus is channelled into providing members with better products and services, and a competitive return on savings in the form of an annual dividend.

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Proof of Identification Requirements

New members looking to open an account or members looking to reactivate an account, need to provide the original of one Photo ID and one Proof of Address from the below listings.

Suitable Proof of Photographic Identification:

Please note the photo and expiry date must be clearly visible

  • Current Valid Signed Passport/ Passport Card
  • Current Valid EU/EEA Driving Licence – must contain photograph (Irish Provisional accepted)
  • Current EU National Identity Card


Suitable Proof of Address:

Documents issued to the home address must be dated within the past 6 months and issue date visible.

Note: Electronic bank statements are acceptable and must be the 1st page of the electronic statement. Screenshots of online banking are acceptable where the member’s address is visible and a transaction visible is within one month of the account opening/update date. As of 6th July 2023 Revolut statements are no longer accepted as POA.

  • Utility Bill e.g., telephone, mobile, gas, electricity, heating, oil, waste collection (where a utility bill is a first bill, a second form of address verification is required)
  • Correspondence from a Regulated Financial Institution operating in the Republic of Ireland (Insurance / Assurance Co., Bank, Building Society, Credit Card Company, Pension Provider)
  • Correspondence from the Department of Social Protection, Revenue Commissioners (exc. LPT), HSE, local authority/county council, Driver’s license if not used for ID and issued within 6 months of application.
  • Additional documents can be accepted for 3rd Level Students – CEO acceptance form, letter from recognised school or college – the document must be dated within the last six months

Note: The name on your photographic identification (e.g. name on your passport) must exactly match the name on your proof of address (e.g. full name on your gas bill) Note: it cannot be the Irish or any other language version of a name on one form and not the other.


New Account Opening for members aged under 18:

  • Members Birth Cert/legal guardianship must be provided along with
  • One form of Identification from the above list for the parent/guardian and
  • One Proof of address from the above list for the parent/guardian

Note: In–branch only, and parent/guardian must be present.

  • Alternative Option – New Account opening for members aged between 16 & 17 ONLY*
  • * Online applications will be accepted from age 16 upwards, however if member is unable to provide own ID/PoA as per guidelines above, they will be contacted to arrange an appointment to open a/c in–branch.