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Members’ Monthly Car Draw

Credit Union Plus offers members an exciting opportunity to win a fabulous new car every month, together with other valuable prizes, all for just €1 a week! So what are you waiting for? ….Why not sign up today!

How do I enter the draw?

To enter the draw, simply complete the application form below or pick up an application form available at any of our offices.

    I wish to be entered into the car draw

    To see who won and find details of our next draw please visit our car draw news feed!

    Please note that your customer due diligence (CDD) must be up to date, Members may be contacted to update and verify details.

    How does the car draw work?

    The monthly draw which started in October 2008 is self-financing, so the more people who sign up the bigger the prizes will be! Members must be over 18 to participate and once enrolled, €13 will be debited from your account every quarter for the draws. Once your subscription is paid each quarter, you will be entered to every monthly draw, until you decide otherwise. We must stress that no Credit Union funds are used for prizes, as the draw is fully self-financing. Directors, Board Oversight Committee and Staff of Credit Union Plus Ltd are eligible to enter the draw just like any other member.

    What are the terms and conditions of the draw?

    For full details of the Car Draw Rules please see below.

    When and how does the draw take place?

    The car draw takes place on the first Saturday of every month in the Credit Union Office. Each member of the car draw has a car draw number assigned prior to the draw. The General Manager reads out the rules and procedures of the draw to the members. Then members of the public are asked to take a ball from the draw drum from each of the compartments. These balls then make up the car draw number, which is then referenced to an account number. This is how we determine who the lucky winners are!

    Who won?

    Click here to find out who won.

    Car Draw Rules

    1. The draw is self-financing in that all of the amounts subscribed members Loss small administrative expenses will be paid out in prizes. The draw will held on the first Saturday of every month in the Credit Union Plus Navan Branch, until the Board of Directors of Credit Union Plus (hereafter called the Board) deem otherwise and will be supervised by members of the Board Oversight Committee.

    2. All entrants must be over 18 years of age and participation in the draw is limited to members of Credit Union Plus only. There may only be one entry per account.

    3. An Application and Authorisation Form for membership of the draw must be completed in full prior to participation and no entry is valid unless the entrance fee is paid in advance. Entry to the car draw implies acceptance of these rules as being final and legally binding. A register of entrants will be maintained at the Credit Union offices. Members who do not wish to remain in the draw must notify the Credit Union of their intention in writing. Members cease to participate in the draw on death or on the closing of their account with the Credit Union.

    4. The entrance fee is €1 per week which will be collected quarterly in advance or as defined from time to time by the Board. Members joining the draw will participate from the beginning of the following quarter. A member will be ineligible to enter the draw if there are no available funds in their account to pay the quarterly subscription at any time. A member deemed ineligible to enter the draw at any time must complete a new car draw application form to re-enter the draw.

    5. Winning members will be notified in writing. Their names and photographs may be published in the local media and displayed in the Credit Union Offices.

    6. The make and type of car or other prize will be at the sole discretion of the Credit Union. Cash may be given in lieu at the discretion of the Credit Union.

    7. The Credit Union, its Directors, Volunteers or Employees will not be liable for any defects, mechanical or otherwise that may be found in the vehicles or other prizes supplied. Cars supplied will be subject to the normal warranty issued by the manufacturers.

    8. Financial accounts for the draw fund will be presented to the Annual General Meeting each year. The draw must be self-financing and non profit-making. Any surplus funds will be disposed of by way of extra prizes. The legitimate expenses and overheads of the draw will be borne by the draw fund.

    9. If the winning member is in arrears or in default of carrying out any financial commitiment or obligation to the Credit Union, delivery of the prize won by the member may be withheld until the arrears have been paid or the default has been rectified. A decision to withhold a prize will be notified in writing to such a member. If the member has failed to comply with the requirements of the Credit Union in relation to the arrears or default within seven days of the notification, the Credit Union shall be entitled to sell or otherwise dispose of the prize at the best available price and use the proceeds to address the arrears or default. Notice of such a decision can be delivered personally or by registered post to the member’s last known address. Where a notice is posted, the date of receipt will be deemed to be two working days after the date of posting.

    10. The Board of Directors of Credit Union Plus must approve any changes to the draw rules A decision of the Board concerning these rules or any matter arising from the monthly draw will be final and not subject to appeal.