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Welcome to Credit Union Plus

Credit Union Plus is your first port of call for borrowing, for saving, and for a wide range of financial services, including car, home, travel and health insurance.

We combine all the traditional friendliness of a credit union with the modern banking facilities you demand, such as instant, real-time online access to your account and our convenient mobile app which lets you manage your finances while on the move.

Becoming a Member – As Credit Unions are non-profitmaking organisations, any surplus is channelled into providing members with better products and services, and a competitive return on savings in the form of a dividend. Check out how competitive and affordable our loans are on our Loan Calculator, or browse our site at your leisure to see how extensive a range of services we offer our members.

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Peace of Mind Is Built In

Saving money to provide a cushion against the unexpected is always a good idea – but opting to save at Credit Union Plus has some additional benefits built-in.

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Kids Corner

Giving your child the savings habit is one of the most important gifts you can ever pass on to the next generation. It’s a habit that can keep on giving for the rest of their lives.

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Want to keep track of your finances?

Our new mobile app makes banking from your phone, tablet or mobile device easier than ever. You can now stay in touch with your credit union finances no matter where you are – at home, at work or abroad! CU Banking is just a simple click away, so why not download the free app today?

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Credit Union Plus is a brilliant facility in the community of Navan and a financial institute that I actually enjoy dealing with. It’s a pleasure to be your customer.

- Anonymous Member

I’ve been a member for 35 years plus and I love the service it provides and I’d be lost without it, thanks for all the help over the years

- Anonymous Member

Please don’t change. I love the system of dropping into credit union each week and getting the personal touch. So much easier than dealing with machines in the bank.

- Anonymous Member

I love having an account with the CREDIT UNION. It’s a sense of security in the case of an emergency, which we had two years ago, when we needed an urgent loan, and was given to me in a fast efficient way, and all it took was a phone call to tell me come and collect your loan cheque, My loan is cleared, and I am now in a position to save regular every month by direct debit.

- Anonymous Member

I am a member of Credit Union Plus for over forty years now and I have have always been very happy with the excellent service provided. I also feel there is less pressure dealing with the CU opposed to other financial providers because it is flexible and accommodating to one’s personal financial circumstances

- Anonymous Member
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Loan Comparison

Check out for yourself just how competitive our loan rate is – and remember that there are no hidden charges and no penalties for paying off your loan more quickly than agreed.




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Essential Maintenance

Essential maintenance is scheduled for Saturday 27th May 2023 at 10pm and will take approximately 8 hours. During this …

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Service Interruption

Members Credit Union Plus is currently experiencing IT issues and as a result services being provide to members are …

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