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Why choose Credit Union Plus?

  • Trustworthy
  • Community Based
  • A Co-Operative…… Not a bank
  • Members... Not customers
  • Benefits... Not profits
Benefit 1


Credit Unions are Ireland’s most trusted organisation, winning the CX Customer Experience Award 8 times in a row!

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Benefit 2

Community Based

Membership with Credit Union Plus is open to everyone who works, resides or is in education in our Common Bond, which covers the following towns and surrounding areas, Navan, Dunshaughlin, Clonmellon, Ballivor, Kildalkey and Ballyjamesduff.  Credit Union Plus has been serving our communities for over 60 years!

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Benefit 3

A Co-Operative…… Not a bank

Credit Unions are people orientated financial co-operatives formed by groups with a common interest such as profession, community or associational background. We are run by our members for our members, with a friendly, personal ethos that you simply won’t find anywhere else

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Benefit 4

Members... Not customers

The members of a Credit Union are also the owners. You have a right to know how the Credit Union is performing, and you are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting where you can contribute to discussions about Credit Union matters and to elect to office a Board of Directors who will have the general good of the membership at heart. This unique structure ensures that Credit Union Plus remains focused on the needs of its members which leads to better service for our members.

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Benefit 5

Benefits... Not profits

Credit Unions earn income by lending the savings of members to other members at reasonable rates of interest. This income covers the expenses of the Credit Union. As Credit Unions are non-profit making organisations, any surplus is channelled into providing members with better products and services, and a competitive return on savings in the form of an annual dividend.

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Supporting you at key points in your life

Students & young adults

We offer young adults and students a range of financial products and services, including student loans, current and and savings accounts, We also have a Scholarship scheme each year where Students & Apprentices have the opportunity to win a Scholarship of €1,500.

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Buying a car

We offer unsecured car loans to help members finance the purchase of a new or used cars. With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options available to suit individual needs.

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Buying a Home

Mortgages available for first-time buyers, home movers, and those looking to switch their mortgage. With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options to suit individual needs. Our dedicated advisors are ready to advise and support members through the home buying process.

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Home Improvements

We offer home improvement loans to help members finance renovations, extensions, and other home improvement projects. With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options to suit individual needs. Our dedicated advisors are ready to provide advice and support to help members.

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Peace of Mind

With a Government Guarantee on Shares up to €100,000, Free Loan Protection Insurance, Free Life Plus Savings Benefit & an optional Bereavement Benefit at just €125 per annum to provide peace of mind to members and their families Credit Union Plus members can rest assured we have them covered.

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