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Personal loan

Easy application process and speedy decisions. Low Interest rate of 8.5% (variable 8.86%apr) charged on the reducing loan balance. No processing charges or documentation fees. No penalties for paying off your loan early. Free loan protection insurance for i.e. your loan would be cleared in the event of your death Terms & conditions apply

Personal loan
Loan amount € 5,000 APR* = 8.86 %
  • Loan Amount € 5000
  • NewMonthly Payment €---
  • Loan Term 1 Years
  • Total Repayments €---
  • Total Cost of Credit 1 Years

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No matter what type of holiday… Credit Union Plus have a loan to fit!

Whether you’re planning a lazy week in the Sun relaxing by the pool or you’re planning something more adventurous like skiing down the slopes in Austria or backpacking around Australia for a month, talk to us about financing your holiday.

Why borrow from Credit Union Plus?

We offer:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • The amount of interest you pay decreases as you pay back the loan
  • No charges or penalties if you want to pay the loan off early
  • Free loan protection insurance to qualifying members
  • Flexible repayment options
  • No transaction fees or administration costs

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Terms & Conditions apply. E&OE. All loans are subject to application and approval, creditworthiness and repayment ability will be assessed. Lending Terms & Conditions apply. Variable Interest Rate is 8.5%, Typical APR is 8.86%. Minimum borrowings €100 – maximum is dependent on repayment capacity. Minimum duration is 1 month – maximum is dependent on the purpose of the loan. Loans require a minimum share balance to be retained until the loan is cleared in full. Warning: if you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit in the future.

Please note that any member with a joint account may apply for a loan on that account in the absence of the other account holder(s), however all account holders must sign the credit agreement for a loan on a joint account

Tailor your payments to suit your needs

Here at Credit Union Plus, we tailor your repayments to meet your own personal circumstances, and we advise you of the best method of repayment.

You’ll also enjoy the added peace of mind of automatic Loan Protection Insurance at no extra cost, which means that in the event of death, your loan dies with you. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

You can also repay your loan at any time – without any penalties – and there are no fees, no charges and no costs for processing your loan.

Member Benefits When You Take Out A loan

  • Speedy decisions – usually within just two days.
  • Low Interest rate of 8.5% (variable 8.86%apr) charged on a reducing loan balance, which means that the quicker you pay off your loan, the less interest you pay.
  • No processing charges or documentation fees, so there are no hidden surprises.
  • No penalties for paying off your loan early, so you’re completely in control as to when you choose to clear your loan.
  • Free loan protection insurance i.e. your loan would be cleared in the event of your death*

* Terms & conditions apply

How Do I Apply?

Call the office to get a Loan Application Checklist, a member of our team will talk you through the required documentation based on your own circumstances, and email / post you the list.

Once you have everything you need. Simply call in to the office at Kennedy Road, Navan where the staff at our loans desk will be happy to assist you with completing your application. It can speed matters up if you call ahead to arrange an appointment.

Loan Application Process

Credit Union Plus will consider loan applications from members for any worthwhile purpose. Each application is treated in the utmost confidence and will be considered on its own merits. It is our policy to meet the borrowing requirements of as many members as possible.

Please note that a loan application cannot be considered without ICB consent and a Loan Application Checklist. There will be various conditions that must be complied with depending on your previous loan history.
* Terms & Conditions apply

Loan applications are considered by Loans Officers or our Credit Committee, and decisions are made as quickly as possible in all cases – typically within just two days.

In deciding whether or not to grant the loan, we take into account the member’s record of saving and repayments, their ICB report, as well as their ability to repay. Once the loan is granted, the member can call in to the office and a staff member will discuss the credit agreement with them.

If the member decides to avail of the loan, they will sign a credit agreement which is a legally binding document, and commit to regular repayments. The member is then issued with a copy of the credit agreement outlining their repayment schedule, terms and conditions of borrowing etc.

Credit Union Plus is flexible with regard to repayment plans, though there are some legal limitations to the term and amount of loans. Our members will be advised on the best repayment plan to meet their own circumstances.

Should you experience difficulties in meeting repayment commitments, you should immediately explain the situation to us and we will treat the matter sympathetically and in total confidence.

Checking Your History With The Irish Credit Bureau

When you are applying for a loan Credit Union Plus will run various credit checks about you using services such as ICB, CCR, Stubbs and others detailing your credit history in other financial institutions.

Credit Union Plus joined the Irish Credit Bureau in August 2009. The Board of Directors has a responsibility under Credit Union and Consumer Credit Legislation to safeguard the assets of the Credit Union and to ensure that members do not become over-indebted.

The Central Credit Register (CCR) was set up by the Central Bank of Ireland under the Credit Reporting Act 2013. Since 30 June 2017 lenders including banks, credit unions, and any other lender that provides consumer loans for €500 or more, have submitted personal and credit information on those loans to the Central Credit Register every month.

From 30 September 2018, we are required to request your credit report from the CCR if you have applied for a loan of €2,000 or more.

We may also obtain your credit report if:

  • you have asked for a re-structure of an existing loan
  • if there are arrears on an existing loan
  • if you have breached the limit on a credit card or overdraft

Further information about the CCR is available here –

Loan Protection Insurance

Loan Protection Insurance is the insurance cover Credit Union Plus provides on the lives of its borrowing members. This means that if an insured member dies, the loan is paid in full, subject to the conditions of the insurance contract.

To ensure members have insurance on their loan, they will be asked to sign a declaration on their loan application that they are/are not in good health. For full details of pre-condition loan insurance, please refer to the insurance section on our website or speak to any staff member.


We’re also highly sympathetic when the unexpected happens. Should you lose your job, for example, we’ll happily sit down and talk with you in a constructive and supportive manner, with a view to working out a repayment schedule that’s realistic and sustainable. If you are having problems in that regard you can talk with us in confidence. We’re here to help.

Phone us at 046 90 21395 and discuss your situation with our experienced credit control team, or better still, call in to the office for a face to face discussion.

Don’t delay contacting us with arrears building up, this will only make the problem worse. We’re here to discuss your situation in confidence and will work with you to agree a plan for making repayments. It will help greatly if you can bring all your documentation with you, such as payslips (including social welfare payments) and details of any other commitments you may have. Click here to download Budgeting Sheet.

We will also continue to work closely with consumer bodies and voluntary organisations such as MABS (Money Advice & Budgeting Service). Visit for more info on their service.

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