I want to pay money into the Credit Union

There are many ways you can pay money into the Credit Union, into your Savings, your Current Account or off your Loan

By Direct Debit from your bank or building society account.

  • If you haven’t used a Direct Debit before it is a simple and easy way to make your payments. A Direct Debit is an automatic service whereby you authorise us to debit the amount of money you want put into your Credit Union accounts from your bank or building society account. The single payment can be split into Loan, Savings and Current Account in whichever way you like. Once you set it up, the payment happens every week / fortnight / month.

Online from your bank or building society account.

  • Your Credit Union Plus account can now accept SEPA payments from anywhere in Europe which means you can use your Bank or Building Society online banking facilities to pay money into your account. We can also accept payments from outside EEA by SWIFT Euro Payment.

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFTs):

  • This payment service allows you to send money into your Credit Union account and send money out of your Credit Union account by means of electronic funds transfer. This convenient service allows you to manage your finances directly from your Credit Union current account (not your share account). Click here to find out more

Salary / Wages paid directly into your Credit Union account

  • Your Credit Union account can accept Wages / Salary payments directly from your employer.

Salary Deduction

  • A number of local businesses allow their employees deduct part of their salary / wages directly from their payroll and transfer the money into the Credit Union. Check with your employer if they already offer this and if they are not currently in the scheme we would be delighted to introduce them to it.

Additional Information

Members operating any of the above facilities, receive a quarterly statement free of charge. It may be of interest to you to register as an on-line member, therefore you can view your transactions whenever suits you.

 If you would like to use any of the above convenience services please phone us or call in and we will be happy to set it up for you.