I want to pay money out of the Credit Union

There are many ways you can pay / take money Out of the Credit Union.

Online from your bank or building society account:

  • You can now have access to your Credit Union Plus online, you can transfer money, pay bills, and view your accounts.

By Direct Debit from your account

  • If you haven’t used a Direct Debit before it is a simple and easy way to make your payments. A Direct Debit is an automatic service whereby you authorise a Bank or Utilities provider to debit the amount of money you owe automatically, e.g. your Electricity bill, Gas, Satellite TV etc. the payment happens every week / fortnight / month, automatically.

By Standing Order from your account:

  • A standing order is easy to set up and allows you make a payment of a fixed amount to any other bank account. E.g. €500 on the first of the month for rent.
  • It happens automatically on your account so you don’t have to worry about it